Re:Gen for Students

Oct 04, 2023

Pelham Campus

6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Angela Wolff

RE:GENERATION for Students is for anyone in grades 9-12 who is seeking God’s help with the brokenness in their life and is willing to do the work required by this ten-week program. By walking the steps of healing given to us by God through the Bible, many people have found freedom from personal struggles like substance abuse (alcohol, marijuana, pills, vaping, etc.), anxiety, obsessive thoughts, grief, people-pleasing, sexual sin (lust, pornography, same-sex attraction, etc.), eating disorders, the pain of a broken home, depression, suicidal thoughts, the pain of abuse, anger, and many more. If you’re ready to get well, you are welcome at RE:GENERATION for Students!

We are excited for you as you start your journey through student re:gen. We will provide pizza each week.