A Woman's Words

Sep 05, 2024

Harrison Bridge Campus

6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Coy Beth Nelson

Words are powerful. They have the power to harm and the power to heal. We can all think of words that were said to us years ago—they still stick with us and have shaped our lives one way or another. Our words impact all of our relationships. Scripture reminds us that out of the heart, the mouth speaks, so it is vital that we take a deep, honest look into what is going on in our hearts in order to understand the nature of our speech.

In this study, we explore the power of words, the temptations we face, the idols that corrupt our speech, and the conversational tendencies that harm our relationships. This study also gives us a biblical grid for redemptive, life-giving speech and helps us use our words to speak both truth and love in a way that establishes true peace.