Biblical Femininity

Sep 05, 2024

Harrison Bridge Campus

6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Coy Beth Nelson

God created every woman with a specific purpose—to be an ezer kenegdo. Scripture uses this word to describe a God who is our ally—a God who fights for us. We use the word Ezer to describe how we can uniquely reflect the image of God to others in a way that helps us be strong for others, rather than strong over, others. This is our common calling, but how we live it out will be unique to our own individuality, experiences, energy, and season of life. Our ability to be strong for others is rooted in the security we have in Christ.

This study challenges us to define ourselves as women based on who God is rather than on prescribed roles and responsibilities. It invites us to examine the unique way God has made us so that we can faithfully steward the strength he has given us in any season. Through the Biblical Femininity study, we learn to embrace our uniqueness and live out our calling right where God has us today