Body Matters

Sep 05, 2024

Harrison Bridge Campus

6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Coy Beth Nelson

Our relationship with our body is complicated. The struggle may come from emotional challenges brought on by body shame or the insecurity we experience from constantly comparing ourselves with others. Or it may come from physical challenges that we experience from aging, illness, or disability. The messages we hear from culture adds to the complexity. This is why this study is so important for all of us.

Body Matters helps us understand the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges of being embodied, as well as what Scripture has to say about the role our bodies play in our faith. We will identify common idols that enslave us, the lies we believe, and the roles of envy and comparison. This study also equips us to have healthy discipleship conversations so that we can embrace both our form and function and faithfully steward our bodies through changing seasons and circumstances.