Sep 05, 2024

Harrison Bridge Campus

6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Coy Beth Nelson

Shame is a universal issue we all experience. However, it often operates in our lives in ways that are completely unrecognizable. It is the undercurrent that lurks undetected in the dark corners of our lives and shapes our day-to-day choices, actions, and relationships. At its core, shame is an identity issue. It makes us believe the truest thing about us is our brokenness.

You may feel the sting of shame from your own choices, or maybe you feel marked by the shameful actions others committed against you or something you are associated with. For most of us it is a combination of all three. Our hope rests securely in the fact that Jesus is not ashamed to identify with us. He comes near and replaces our shame with honor, belonging, and forgiveness.

This study will help you learn what shame is, identify the experiences, thoughts, and feelings that cause shame, how it affects you in everyday life, and how to live in the freedom and comfort Christ holds out to you.