We invite you to help us raise $325,000 to give towards the construction of JUMPSTART's Opportunity Center. That amount would put them at 65% of the project cost. We believe that this is important enough for JUMPSTART that we have committed to match every dollar necessary to reach the $325,000 goal.

we've reached our $325,000 goal!

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JUMPSTART's new  Opportunity Center will be the heart of the community at Restoration Village, a supportive community for those reentering society from prison in a setting that prepares them to be productive citizens.

The total cost for the Opportunity Center will be $1.5 million. JUMPSTART has applied for a Truist Grant that would provide $300,000 annually for three years. But in order for JUMPSTART to utilize the grant, the project must be 65% funded. That's where we come in. Thank you for prayerfully considering taking part in this effort to partner with JUMPSTART as they disciple men and women in our local communities. 

To hear more about the vision of this project from JUMPSTART's CEO Cary Sanders, watch this video. 



In this episode of the Grace Church Members podcast, Chris Rivers sits down with Cary Sanders to discuss the history of our ministry partnership with JUMPSTART. Cary also shares part of his story, along with JUMPSTART's vision for the new Opportunity Center, prayer requests, and various ways you can get involved. We invite you to listen to this episode for more information about JUMPSTART and this specific opportunity.

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