In a frantic culture that constantly clamors for our attention, we are often confused as to who Jesus truly is and what it means to follow him. In the Gospel of Mark, we learn that God will restore his reign through King Jesus in a radical plan to rescue the world. Yet, Jesus is a different kind of king—a suffering servant who invites us to join him along the road that leads to crucifixion. In our series from Mark’s Gospel, we follow along with the disciples and are presented with a choice: will you follow or reject Christ?


Reading Plan

These daily readings will help prepare you for the upcoming teaching you will hear this weekend at Grace Church. These passages will create some context for the sermon by showing you Scriptures the teacher might be quoting and some passages that contain related ideas. Our hope is that as you follow this reading plan, it will help you become more defined and directed by Scripture.

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Study Questions

  • WEEK 1: The Gospel of King Jesus


  • WEEK 2: Who is This? Jesus Rebukes the Storm


  • WEEK 3: Son of the Most High: Jesus Rebukes the Legion


  • WEEK 4: The Cruciform King: Son of Man, Servant of All


  • WEEK 5: The Lord, the Law, and the Love of God


  • WEEK 6: Crucifixion, Burial, and the Resurrection



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