Who is This? Jesus Rebukes the Storm

Study Guide

Even after witnessing Jesus’ miraculous power, the disciples fall into fear and panic while at sea in a raging storm. In the face of their confusion, Jesus calls them to have faith. Like the disciples, we often question God when our circumstances don’t make sense. However, we must humbly obey, trust, and rest in God’s sovereignty when we don’t understand his ways. Please check back Sunday afternoon for updated application questions.
  1. Like the disciples, we all struggle with fear. Take some time to reflect and consider—what are you most afraid of? What does that fear reveal about your view of God? Are you struggling to believe that he’s in control or that he loves you?

  2. Jesus calls the disciples to trust him without understanding him. Where are you frustrated with God’s apparent indifference towards your circumstances or to the plight of the world around you? Where are you tempted to believe the worst about him?

  3. Understanding and clarity come after obedience. How can you move towards acting in obedience even without fully understanding God’s plan? What are some simple steps you can take to be “in proximity” to Jesus and his work?

Key Points
  • In the midst of a violent storm, Jesus sleeps while the disciples panic. This demonstrates both his humanity and his faith in the Father’s plan.

  • Jesus’ frailty should comfort us. His complete humanity means that he understands both our temptations and our suffering.

  • Like the disciples, we are often tempted to believe that God does not care when we face difficult circumstances

  • We must learn to trust Jesus personally even when we don’t understand him. It will take humility and faith on our part to rest in his plan and live under his authority.

  • As modern believers, we have seen generations of Christians whose lives have been changed by God, and we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. These truths should encourage us to trust God fully.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Mark 4:35-41

Topics: Faith, Fear, Humanity, Obedience