The Gospel of King Jesus

Study Guide

Since the fall of man, we have been seeking a resolution to the problem of sin and brokenness. In this first chapter of Mark, we hear the Good News that God is intervening through the person and work of Jesus to resolve wholly and with finality the greatest problem in the world. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection not only have the power to redeem mankind, but they also spark a movement that we are still part of today.
  1. The Good News about Jesus—the gospel—is the only way for humans to find freedom from sin and be restored to fellowship with God. What is your understanding of the word, “gospel”? How have you seen the gospel at work in your life? What have you been called to sacrifice, and what were the rewards?

  2. Being led by Jesus is not a call to self-betterment—it’s a call to obedience and sacrifice. In what ways do you tend to try and “do better” as a Christian? What does this reveal about your identity? How can you change your mindset to be more Christ-centered?

  3. Jesus is going somewhere, and we must let ourselves be led by him. What temporary things distract you from following Jesus? What specific steps do you need to take in order to focus on Jesus’ eternal purpose above your own agenda?

Key Points
  • After 400 years of silence, God speaks to his people through John the Baptist. In the same way that John’s message of repentance and baptism is different from past prophets, so will Jesus’ message be radically different—both to the Israelites and to us.

  • God is directly intervening in human history through the person and work of Jesus Christ to establish and re-establish his kingdom on earth.

  • Jesus’ reign as Messiah will not be about earthly rule but about eternal redemption and restoration.

  • Just as Jesus challenged the religious groups of his day, so also does he challenge our cultural norms. His kingdom does not depend on our work, but on him alone.

  • Our responsibility is to decide if we are willing to be obedient to Jesus' call—and our allegiance will have a cost, for he calls us to sacrifice our own agenda.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Mark 1:1-20

Topics: Gospel, Jesus, Kingdom, Obedience