What is Elder Led?

Being elder-led means ultimate oversight of the church belongs to a plurality of elders, as opposed to one senior pastor.  We benefit from the protection this provides, along with a diversity of wisdom, experience, and gifting. Our governing elder board consists of both staff and non-staff elders, all of whom must meet the qualifications of an elder set forth in 1 Timothy 3:2–7 and Titus 1:6–9. 

Governing elders provide oversight to our lead staff and ensure that our mission and doctrine guide everything we do. While campus pastors and other shepherding elders bear the weight of the daily care for our members and staff, our governing elders provide the support and boundaries necessary to fulfill the mission God has called us to.

There is no set number of elders, and the current board is always praying and considering additional elders as the church continues to grow. New elders are selected by the current board of elders, and the church body has an opportunity, prior to ordination of a new elder, to bring forth reasonable concern or agreement with the qualifications of the proposed elder.