Mission &
Core Values

We exist to make mature followers of

Jesus Christ.

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Core Values

Discipline is a key ingredient for any type of growth, especially spiritual growth. Discipline is difficult to cultivate and even harder to maintain. However, there is one thing that makes the act of becoming disciplined easier. We are disciplined about the things that we are passionate about! As Christians, we should be passionate about reaching our full potential in Christ. How do we go about cultivating a life of spiritual passion? There are many areas of the Christian life that are keys to this pursuit. As a church, we have identified six areas that we believe are foundational to becoming more like Christ and living a healthy and balanced Christian life.


Biblically Oriented

Scripture should be the foundation of every Christian’s life, for through it, God shows us who he is and who we are. At Grace Church, we prioritize Bible-based teaching and believe personal habits of reading, studying, and applying Scripture are vital to life change.

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Prayerfully Dependent

Prayer is the way in which we talk to God, and our prayer life is an indicator of our dependence on him. Prayer gives us an opportunity to examine our hearts, humble ourselves before God, and acknowledge our need for him in every aspect of our lives.

Core Values - Relationally Connected Mingling at Church

Faithfully Gathered

The local church is the body of Christ—those who gather faithfully to worship God, to participate in the sacraments of baptism and communion, and to engage in discipleship through relational connection. We believe the consistent, physical gathering of the body of believers is vital to the health of our church and worthy of our time and energy.

Core Values - Ministry Focused Baptism

Ministry Focused

Ministry—the utilization of one’s God-given gifts and abilities to serve others—is a calling for every believer. When we use our gifts for ministry in the context of the local church, we contribute to the unity of the church body, allow God to work through us to accomplish his mission, and create opportunities for life change in both ourselves and others.

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Courageously Generous

At Grace Church, we believe everything we have, including our money, comes from God, and how we steward what he has entrusted to us is a discipleship issue. When we practice generosity in our finances, we reject worldly consumerism and worship God by trusting him to provide for our needs.

Core Values Culturally Engaged Mission Teaching

Culturally Engaged

God’s people have a responsibility to share the gospel with those who do not know Christ. At Grace Church, we pursue outreach and missions locally, regionally, and globally. As we partner with other churches and organizations, we develop relationships, create opportunities to share the gospel, and equip disciples of Jesus.

If you would like to find out more about our Core Values at Grace Church, consider going through Foundations, a four-week membership course open to anyone who has already completed a Discovery class. Click the button below to sign up for an upcoming Foundations at your campus.