Mission &
Core Values

We exist to make mature followers of

Jesus Christ.

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Core Values

Discipline is a key ingredient for any type of growth, especially spiritual growth. Discipline is difficult to cultivate and even harder to maintain. However, there is one thing that makes the act of becoming disciplined easier. We are disciplined about the things that we are passionate about! As Christians, we should be passionate about reaching our full potential in Christ. How do we go about cultivating a life of spiritual passion? There are many areas of the Christian life that are keys to this pursuit. As a church, we have identified six areas that we believe are foundational to becoming more like Christ and living a healthy and balanced Christian life.


Biblically Oriented

We believe Scripture should be the foundation for our lives as believers. This plays out through Bible-based teaching during our services; however, it is also important that, as believers, we study the Word individually and apply it to our lives daily. In our desire to know God more, we should dive into Scripture, for in it, God reveals himself to us. However, simply reading the Bible will not change us. As we study, learn from, and apply Scripture to our lives, we will experience growth and life change.

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Prayerfully Dependent

Prayer is the way in which we talk to God. It is honest, authentic communication with the God of the universe. Our prayer life is an indicator of our dependence on God. It is also a reflection of the intimate relationship between the Creator and his created people. Prayer can be planned and disciplined, spontaneous, or corporate. Although our prayer methods may be different depending on our backgrounds, God is more concerned about our attitude in prayer. Prayer gives us an opportunity to examine our hearts in humbling ourselves before God and realizing our need for him in every aspect of our lives.

Core Values - Relationally Connected Mingling at Church

Relationally Connected

Being connected to our brothers and sisters is an important part of our lives as believers. God does not want us to do life alone, but instead to have authentic relationships with others in which we share both our struggles and joys. Being a part of a community provides both accountability and encouragement. Although living in community can at times be difficult, risky, and painful, it produces life change and growth. Grace Church helps to promote this value by encouraging all members to be involved in community groups.

Core Values - Ministry Focused Baptism

Ministry Focused

Often times people think of ministry as a vocational job; however, all believers should have a ministry-focused life. One of the most significant ways this is played out is through serving in the local church. As a church, Grace has many needs that are filled by volunteers serving. Each member of the church has specific spiritual gifts that help the body function in unity. It is helpful for us to identify our spiritual gifts and abilities to know how we can best serve the church. When we serve, we allow God to work through us and impact others as well as change ourselves. We look to Jesus as our example of serving, as he served us by freely giving his life.

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Courageously Generous

The world we live in today is consumed with money and materialism. As Christians, we must guard against getting caught up in these worldly pursuits. We must remember that we are simply managers of our resources, not owners. All we have was given to us by God and should be used to honor and give back to him. We must look for ways to strategically give our money and possessions away. Because money is such a powerful, gripping item, our hearts will follow where we put our money.

Core Values Culturally Engaged Mission Teaching

Culturally Engaged

As believers, we have a responsibility to share the gospel with those who do not know Jesus. Through engaging our neighbors locally, regionally, and globally, we can strategically create relationships that provide opportunities to do so. In loving, helping, and providing for these people, we are also showing God’s love as we care for those in need. We should seek out ways to build relationships and allow God to use us, and work through us, in sharing the good news of Jesus. The goal of outreach and missions is to make disciples of Jesus Christ through relationships that allow opportunities for the gospel to be shared.

Foundations class explores these Core Values more. Sign up at your campus if you’ve already participated in Discovery.