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Wisdom from Psalms

For generations, believers have gone to the Psalms to praise God in joy and seek solace in grief. In these poems, we experience wonder, despair, gratitude, zeal, lament, and hope. The various psalmists use imagery and figurative language to help us unpack the layers of human experience and lead us emotionally to the heart of God. As we pause this summer to explore Wisdom from Psalms, we pray God would captivate our hearts with his depth and glory.

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Wisdom from Psalms Series Graphic

Calm and Quiet

In this psalm of ascent, we get a glimpse into David’s journey from pride to humility. He has learned what it means to carry a …

Matt Williams

Teaching Pastor; Staff Governing Elder; Staff Director

Wisdom from Psalms Series Graphic

God's Word

In this psalm, the author focuses on the life-giving nature of God’s Word. Studying the Bible and aligning our lives with truth is integral to …

Jim Taylor

Pelham Discipleship & Groups; Central Care & Recovery

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Loneliness and Anxiety

In a culture where we have more connection and agency than ever before, we are overwhelmingly isolated and anxious. We feel responsible to make our …

Blake Payne

Pelham Associate Campus Minister

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Sex and Happiness

The world has merged sex and happiness, telling us that living out our sexual desires will bring identity and fulfillment. However, true life and identity …

Scofield Foster

Downtown Campus Pastor

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