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In different seasons of our lives we may find ourselves struggling with difficulties and realize that we need a little help to press on. As an equipping church, Grace Church views the struggles of our lives as discipleship opportunities–opportunities for us to grow even in the midst of our pain. In providing different care ministries, we seek to provide environments where you can not only find the strength “to make it” but to move forward to a better place in your life and relationship with Jesus.

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One of our Core Values is being Ministry Focused, and the primary way we carry that out is through serving one another. Since our Care & Recovery ministries involve walking with people through difficult seasons, we are committed to serving them with compassion. There are several ways you can get plugged in to serving in Care & Recovery. To learn more about these opportunities, please fill out the interest form below.

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Sexual Abuse Survivors

We know that there are many in our body and community who have experienced abuse. Both men and women have abuse as part of their story, and we want to acknowledge the pain it has caused and the need for care.

If you or someone you care for is an abuse survivor, or if you are just beginning to understand that you were abused, we want to assist in any way we can, from the reporting of abuse through the continual healing journey.

Please watch this video to hear more from LeeAnne Cavin, our Care & Recovery Director, and click below to contact our Pastoral Care & Recovery team. We would consider it a great privilege if you choose to invite us in to listen and allow us to walk with you.

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Additional Resources in the Upstate:
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Foothills Alliance (Anderson County)
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Reporting Child Abuse (Call 1-888-227-3487 and/or 911 if abuse is current or imminent)