at Grace

We believe that strong men make strong families, a strong community, and a strong church. We make it a priority to value and develop men.

We believe God created men to “move” —  to step into the important areas of their lives and make a difference. Too many men feel paralyzed. And many men don’t feel equipped to be spiritually powerful men. At Grace, we are absolutely committed to helping you thrive as a godly man.


Not a typical

men’s ministry

We believe that everything men participate in is part of our ministry to and through men. All the ministries of the church are part of our discipleship process for men. There is no separate group of men who are “in the men’s ministry”; if you are involved at Grace, you are part of what God is doing.

Life Change Stories
mens roundtable



Our primary venue for speaking to you as a man is Men's Roundtable, a series of short-term small groups that equip you with language and biblical insights about manhood.

Men’s Roundtable (MRT) provides a group of studies that support the ministry to men at Grace Church. They lay a biblical groundwork for men of faith to take responsibility for and move towards those around them, all while depending on God. We offer teaching on various topics related to biblical masculinity.

We strongly urge every man at Grace to go through the seven-week study Authentic Manhood within the first year of attending.

Serve with Us

We also ask every man to find a place to serve in the life of the church. Let us know where you would like to try serving.