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Marriage was God’s idea. The Bible begins with a marriage and ends with a wedding feast. And throughout Scripture, marriage is described as a gift from God to mirror his image. God designed man and woman with purpose, and his design for them together is equally intentional. Their bodies fit together to accomplish procreation, and their relationship was to be a reflection of God’s relationship with his bride, the Church.  

Embedded in God’s design of marriage are images of companionship, oneness, and intimacy—interwoven with covenantal love. In this relationship established by vows between a man and woman, God provides a lifelong commitment and teammate through both joy and struggle. Marriage is meant to be a picture and expression to the world of his covenant love. (Genesis 2:24; Matthew 19:5–6)

Registration for re|engage will open in the fall of 2024 at participating campuses. Currently, Thrive sessions are ongoing and open to new participants at multiple campuses. 




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Dating Better

This teaching series helps us think about how to date well in our culture.

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Getting Married

Planning to get married? We want to help you prepare for a marriage that honors God.

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Whether your marriage is a 2 or a 10, re|engage offers hope and community for married couples.

redeeming sexuality

Redeeming Sexuality

A study that takes a look at sexual brokenness, as well as the hope we find in the gospel.

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This series explores God's design for marriage and how it can be redeemed in a broken world.

MRT Man & His Wife

A Man & His Wife

A study that addresses implementing principles of biblical masculinity in the context of marriage.