Campus Accessibility
& Assistive Listening

Campus Offerings


All our campuses have clearly marked handicapped parking. If you flash your headlights upon arrival, our parking team will be available to assist you.


Most of our campuses have wheelchair accessible seating.
*Because the buildings at our Anderson and Downtown campuses are historic, we are limited in changing their structure, which makes accessibility more challenging. Please reach out at, and we are happy to provide more details about the best way to navigate these campuses.

Children's classrooms

Most of our children's classrooms are wheelchair accessible (some via elevator). *Spartanburg's two-year-old and under classrooms are not wheelchair accessible. 

Wheelchair availability

Our Pelham campus has extra wheelchairs available in the lobby. Please reach out to if you need one at another campus.


All our campuses have wheelchair accessible bathrooms. Please ask a member of our hospitality team if you need help locating them. Our Harrison Bridge, Pelham, and Powdersville campuses have an adult sized changing table available.


American Sign Language interpreters are available upon request. Please contact your campus admin or to arrange for interpretation at a weekend service.

Assistive Listening

To aid guests with hearing impairment, we offer WaveCAST in all of our worship centers. Please see below for more details on how to utilize this service.


WaveCAST App

WaveCAST allows you to listen to services via your cell phone and ultimately your hearing assist devices.
If you would like to connect, please arrive 10-15 minutes early and come to the sound booth for assistance. This is available in all of the Worship Centers at our campuses.

  • DOWNLOAD WaveCAST Audio Receiver from the App Store. | iOS or Android
  • CONNECT to the "GraceWaveCAST" Wi-Fi.
  • OPEN the app and click Listen Now.

You will need your own personal headphone jack or bluetooth device.

*Please note this is not available at our Thursday Noon and Saturday night services.

What is


Mosaic is a discipleship ministry that seeks to equip and disciple children, students, and adults with disabilities into the life of our church.

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Mosaic Campus Staff

Tracy Chavez

Tracy Chavez

Harrison Bridge Mosaic

Harrison Bridge

Cece Ambrose

Cece Ambrose

Travelers Rest Mosaic Lead & Kids Administrator

Travelers Rest

Yvette Anderson Staff Photo

Yvette Anderson

Pelham Mosaic Lead
Central Mosaic Lead & Housing Coordinator


Margaret Richardson Staff Photo

Margaret Richardson

Pelham Mosaic Lead


Rachel Hix

Rachel Hix

Powdersville Mosaic Lead


Madison Carithers Staff Photo

Madison Carithers

Central Mosaic Coordinator