Grace Church Residency is a year-long program for recent graduates that provides opportunities for them to be discipled by Grace Church staff while gaining hands-on experience in various ministries of the local church. Residency is designed for young men and women interested in vocational ministry, and it creates pathways for participants to carry real responsibilities and offers feedback for growth and development. Apply now to begin conversations and see if this could be a fit for you.

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I stepped into residency right out of college, and it was a great experience that helped me better understand myself, who God is, and how I fit into the local church. I learned what it meant to be self-aware, how not to find my identity in a position, and gained a better understanding of how God designed the local church to work. I was surrounded by adults and fellow residents who challenged me in what I thought about work, ministry, and living as a believer and cared for me in a way I had never been cared for before. I am grateful for the lessons I learned and the people I met during that time, and out of the experiences in my life, residency will be remembered as one of the best and most formative.

Shawn Piedrahita
Shawn Piedrahita