Legacy—it is something that we all want to leave, but what does it mean and how do we ensure that it happens? To equip our members for this journey, we have created an all-encompassing ministry rightfully named Legacy. It is for those who are in a current season of caregiving or empty nesting and for those who want to learn how to finish well. Legacy not only provides information on relevant topics through various classes and discussions, but it is also a ministry that helps connect people in each of these seasons to each other through fellowship and community.


Legacy Lunches

A Monthly Equipping Gathering


Getting to Know Dementia

Dementia awareness in bite-size pieces

23_CR_StrategiesforAging_Blank_1920 (1)

Strategies for Aging

Navigating common aging and caregiving legal decisions

23_CR_AgingWell_Blank_1920 (1)

Aging Well

Planning, strategy, and tools for the second half of life.

What does Legacy do for you?


– One time events (Caregiving Journey and Legacy Lunches: Monthly Equipping Gathering)
– Series Events (Aging Well, Understanding Dementia, and Strategies for Aging) – 2-6 week classes


Campus connecting gatherings- more social connecting by demographic.

What can we help you with?

If you are in a season of caregiving or need help finding resources related to legacy planning, dementia support, or elder care needs, contact Julia Eldred at jeldred@grace.sc.