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A marriage fueled by grace is one of the greatest gifts you can give each other and your family and showcases the Gospel to a watching world. 

Thrive Marriage Experience is a quarterly workshop designed to help you and your spouse slow down, recalibrate your mindsets to be rooted in grace, and then build upon what you take away from your session. 

Each quarter you will receive new content and activities, and resources to help you create rhythms of connection. While re|engage helps couples to learn to talk daily and date weekly, Thrive is designed to help you to check-in quarterly. Our aim is to evaluate every 60-90 days since after 90 days we have a tendency to lose momentum. 

We want the space between each Thrive Marriage Experience to be long enough to give you enough space and short enough not to let your marriage drift. 

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Frequently Asked


Can I come to Thrive by myself?

This experience is designed to be done with your spouse, so if your schedule doesn’t allow for both of you to be present for the workshop, please find another date. We always offer multiple dates and campuses for you and your spouse to consider.

Is the Thrive Marriage Experience the same every time?

No, each quarterly event has different content and activities that are different from the time before.

How is Thrive different than re|engage?

Thrive will only happen quarterly and the focus is specifically on you connecting as a couple. (Connecting with others will be a perk but not the goal.)