Mosaic Adults

GroupLife Mosaic
GroupLife Mosaic is a Sunday morning service for adults with disabilities. During GroupLife Mosaic, participants worship, hear teaching, and break up into community groups to discuss what they heard and apply it to their lives. We utilize the teaching that was taught the previous Sunday in main worship.

Supper Club
This is an event for our students and adults in Mosaic to come together with other community groups in the church to sing karaoke, play bingo, and share a meal once a month.

Mosaic Inspire
Mosaic Inspire is our weekday discipleship ministry for adults with special needs who are members of Grace Church. Mosaic Inspire is a discipleship ministry that equips adults with special needs by helping them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through pursuing God, connecting with the church, and engaging the community. We believe that adults with special needs have gifts to make a strategic impact on our community and in our church.

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Inspire Coffee House

Inspire Coffee House seeks to create an equipping space for adults with disabilities to learn, develop, and be discipled in the workforce while engaging the community.

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