Children in Mosaic have the opportunity to be discipled in a combination of different settings, which include classrooms with GCK peers, or they can be with other individuals with special needs in our multi-sensory area called Clubhouse. Our main goal is discipleship. We often provide a hybrid approach with multiple settings to best fit the child.

This ministry is available at all Grace campuses. 



Mosaic Kids

When & Where
We have Grace Church Kids Mosaic at all Grace campuses. Please email [email protected] to be put in contact with your Mosaic campus lead to figure out which service time is best for you at your campus!

Shadows are Mosaic volunteers who help an individual be discipled through lessons, crafts, and classrooms in all areas of Grace Church Kids if they need additional assistance. 

Our main goal is to disciple these children. We utilize many different curriculums to make sure we are explaining the gospel in a way that our children in Mosaic can understand.

Respite Night
During Respite Night, parents drop off their children at campuses and we spend the night playing games, eating dinner, having fun, and watching a movie! This is a great opportunity for parents to reconnect with each other, have some alone time, and rest.