Mosaic Students

When & Where
For typical student ministry program times and locations, please visit our Students page.

For service times for Students Mosaic and to be put in contact with the lead at your campus, please email [email protected] or fill out a Mosaic New Family Form.

Many students who have disabilities attend our typical student programming (Fusion, 24Seven, and Forge). The Mosaic ministry helps provide tools, resources, and additional discussion questions to make sure these individuals are being discipled. Please reach out to the student staff or mosaic lead at your campus for more information.

Students Mosaic
Students who might not be best discipled and equipped in typical student ministry can come, worship, and hear teaching alongside other students with disabilities in Students Mosaic. We currently have student mosaic at several of our campuses. Please reach out to [email protected] to find out where the closest Student Mosaic is to you!

Supper Club
This is an event for our students and adults in Mosaic to come together once a month with other community groups in the church to sing karaoke, play bingo and other games, and share a meal. We currently offer Supper Club at the Pelham campus.