Communion Guide for Parents

Communion Guide for Parents

Engaging your child around communion

The church has two sacraments that serve as a symbol of the saving grace Christ has purchased for his people—baptism and communion. If your child is showing the signs of trusting in Christ as their Savior, they should be baptized, then come regularly to the communion table as a regular reorientation to the work of Christ in our lives.

1. Sit down and read 1 Corinthians 11:23–26 together. Explain that communion is a symbolic meal that represents what Christ has done for his people. This is a great opportunity to share your own story with your child about how God has made you alive in Christ.

2. After you have shared, ask your child if they would like to share why they want to trust in Christ for their salvation. As they are sharing, there are several things that you want to look for and ask about:

  • Do they have a humble posture and can they admit to sin? (1 John 1:9; James 5:16)
  • Do they show genuine sorrow for their sin? (2 Corinthians 7:10)
  • Do they confess Jesus as Lord? (Romans 10)
  • Do you see the fruit of salvation in their life? (Galatians 5:22–23) Do other people affirm the life change in your child? (small group leader, community group leader, coach, teacher, etc.)

3. Emphasize that communion is both a personal and communal meal.

  • Personal: It is personal in that we should take this time to confess our sins to God. After confession, we take the bread and the drink as a tangible reminder of Christ’s body broken for us and his blood poured out for us. Our sins are forgiven!
  • Communal: It is communal in that we are coming to the table in the presence of God and the church. It can be an opportunity to reconcile with one another before we take communion.

What if my child is not ready for communion?

If after having these conversations it is not clear that your child is ready for communion, it is okay! Be patient in having ongoing conversations about their faith in Christ. Continue to engage them in a way that is intentional while praying for the Lord to work in their life. Be sure to bring in people who are influential in their lives to join you in praying and talking with them in the future. Additionally, be intentional to bring your child into the service to observe the congregation taking communion. Before you take communion, pray over them that they would come to trust in Christ.

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