Disciple Three

Disciple Three Card

What is it?

A tool to help you focus on the responsibility that God has given you to love and serve the people that he’s brought into your life.

Disciple Three is an attempt to help you be even more clear about the people that God wants you to serve, invest in, and disciple during your current season.

How to use it:

The card asks you to:

• Write down the names of three people outside of your family that you believe God wants you to invest in over the next six months.

• Pray for at least one of the three people every day.

• Communicate with all three at least once a week.

• Have a spiritual interaction with each one at least once per month.

What’s a spiritual interaction? Look for ways to engage their head, heart, and hands. When appropriate, ask questions like:

• Where are you currently struggling (spiritually, relationally, personally)? Do you know why?

• What spiritual lesson are you currently learning or have you recently learned?

• What is one truth about God and the gospel you need to believe and live out?

We hope this tool will help our members be more intentional in getting involved in someone’s life, meeting their needs, and helping them grow in their relationship with God.