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“Love is a battlefield.” Do you remember that song lyric from the 80s? It’s been true in my house over the past days and weeks. My four-year-old son is pushing every boundary, and it’s exhausting. One day, after repeated instances of disobedience and discipline, we finally made it to dinnertime. He suddenly looked up at me with a very serious face and asked, “Mommy, why don’t you like me?” My heart broke. How could I explain to my sweet boy that I love him so much—I am after him. I am in pursuit of his heart and soul because I know the world is coming for him, and its brokenness is going to touch him. More importantly, I realize my son's greatest need is to see himself clearly so the gospel will be compelling to him. This process is disruptive for all of us, but our desire for him to understand his need for Jesus transcends our desire for his present happiness.

In the same way, God’s love for us is manifested in his pursuit of us. In his Gospel, John says, “the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness” (1:14a). Jesus was and is willing to enter the battlefield of fallen humanity and fight for us. And I’ll be honest, it is not always fun or comfortable. When I reflect on the times God has peeled back layers of sin and captured my heart, his love was intense and disruptive. However, God cares more about our eternal souls than our comfort. He allows the brokenness of the world to touch us. Maybe you have grieved the loss of an unborn child, experienced the devastation of a broken relationship, or walked through chronic health issues. God does not shield us from all the ways the world is fractured from the fall, our sin, and the sins of others. For if we do not feel the broken nature of the world, we will not see the beauty of his sacrificial love. But in those dark places, God is coming for you. If you have eyes to see, his light overcomes the darkness. When the world strips us down to nothing, God is there—offering life, healing, redemption, and joy.

This month, we pray that you would take time to reflect on this idea of love as pursuit. When Jesus engaged the woman at the well in Samaria, he confronted her with some hard truths. Consider how Jesus may be holding up a mirror in your life, and how that pursuit is a reflection of his love. Also, as disciples and disciple-makers, we are called to extend and embody God’s love to those around us. Consider how you can pursue others through serving. Love is a battlefield. May God give us strength to engage it with grace and compassion.

Sarah Bailey

For the Ezer Newsletter Team


Take a moment to read through John 4 or listen to the Scripture here.

Jesus is traveling through Samaria on his way back to Galilee from Judea. Even though Jews tend to avoid this area as they viewed Samaritans as unclean or “less than,” Jesus stops at a well during the middle of the day while his disciples go into town for provisions. While the majority of people visited the well either in the morning or evening, this woman came at midday to avoid crowds. Jesus sees her, acknowledges her, and pursues her intentionally. He brings her sin into the light with clarity and correction while loving her along the way. This one interaction brings the woman significant heart change, movement, and makes her a compelling witness to Jesus’ ministry.

While reading this text, think through the following:

  • How does it feel to know you are seen this clearly by God at all times? Put yourself in her shoes. What do you think she was feeling during and after that encounter? Knowing what God already knows about you, how would you feel about such exposure?
  • What are some of the ways that Jesus pursued her in love during their encounter?

Jessica Sterling

For the Ezer Newsletter Team


We encourage you to use these conversation starters as a means of self-reflection and for discussion within your community.

  1. How are you like the Samaritan woman? What are the barriers that keep you from Jesus?
  2. In what ways have you experienced the brokenness of the world? How have those experiences allowed you to see the beauty of God’s sacrificial love and his pursuit of you?
  3. How is God currently peeling back the layers of sin in your life and challenging your comfort? Prayerfully consider how this pursuit is a reflection of his love for you.
  4. God’s pursuit of you should fuel your desire to pursue others by serving. What action steps can you take today to demonstrate obedience and gratitude in light of what he has done?

Courtney Vaughn

For the Ezer Newsletter Team

For Further Study:

No Greater Love: Experiencing the Heart of Jesus through the Gospel of John

Book by A.W. Tozer

“Christ died for all, and anybody who will come will have their soul opened. With this woman at the well, somewhere in her soul a window was opened and the light of God finally shone down through it. God will use any witness to start, but no one can substitute for Jesus himself. The new life has to be born in us, and the new life will not be born until Christ and the sinner meet and through Christ the sinner defeats his will and comes out of the dust.”