Community Health & Resource Fair

Connection & Support

This past weekend, our Care & Recovery ministry held a Community Health and Resource Fair generously hosted by Front Porch Housing! The goal of this event was to provide support for our community—specifically connecting individuals and families to local organizations who offer valuable resources and education. Over 40 organizations and health stations were available at the fair, and participants had the opportunity to learn about public services, get connected to local nonprofits, and receive basic health screenings. Here are a just a few highlights from the day:

There were several activities for kids, including a Teddy Bear Clinic where children could take care of their bear as they learned about basic healthcare. For many children, the healthcare system can seem scary. It was a great opportunity for kids to interact with equipment and healthcare providers to reduce any fear they may have experienced.

One of the goals of this fair was individual connections, and we saw that come to fruition for multiple people. Just one story among many is that one resident of Front Porch Housing has recently had a preterm baby, and she was able to connect with an occupational therapy group. Making that personal connection helped her get helpful information and alleviated some of the stress of knowing that her child will need extra care.

Finally, we also heard from many of our vendors that they appreciated the opportunity to connect with other like-minded organizations who exist to serve our communities.

We are so thankful for all the vendors, our Care & Recovery staff, the staff at Front Porch Housing, and the 60 volunteers who made this event possible! To learn more about our Care & Recovery ministry, click below.