Men's Bible Study

Growth & Community

All our campuses offer men’s studies, and there’s something unique that happens when a group of men gather and study God’s Word together. While most of our studies are short-term and topical in nature, at our Greer campus, a growing group of men have been meeting regularly on Wednesday mornings for the past year and half for consistent Bible study. Following the Seven Arrows study method, the men dig deeper into the daily reading plan together, share what they’re learning, and encourage one another.

One of our Greer staff members shared this about participating in the study:

The biggest encouragement through it all is the community that our newer attendees and members are gaining through attending on Wednesday mornings. The growth we've seen in the understanding of the Word through the men is awesome. As I've been able to experience it firsthand, it's been an encouragement and challenge to myself. We constantly hear that it's the best part of the week for multiple men, and we hope that it continues to be an opportunity that we are able to invite God’s Word to grow our faith and be encouraged through the discussion with other brothers.

What a blessing to see life-on-life discipleship happening through the study of God’s Word! If you want to learn more about our offerings for men at Grace, click below.