Student Retreats

Over 700 Students Attend Retreats

This month, our Fusion (5th–6th grade) and 24Seven (7th–8th grade) students went on retreats at Pine Cove Springs! Between the two retreats, over 700 students and 450 staff and volunteers participated. A lot of time, prayer, preparation, and hard work went into creating space for our students to get away and be immersed in life-on-life discipleship, and we are thankful for every person who helped make it possible.

Our Fusion students learned about what it means to follow Jesus—why we need to follow him, what he’s done for us, and how it changes the way we live our lives. And our 24Seven students focused on the topic of sex and dating, learning about God’s Blueprint for our sexual energy and why his plan for how to use this energy is greater than any plan that we might try to craft for ourselves.

Will you join us in continued prayer for these students? Our hope is that they would continue to process all they have learned, grow in their understanding of who God is, and stay grounded in God’s Word. To learn more about Grace Church Students, click below.