Camp Staff: BridgeBuilders

Interns Depart for the Lowcountry

Allendale and Hampton counties are located in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, and our partnership with local churches in the Lowcountry began over a decade ago. One way we come alongside these churches is through BridgeBuilders—a summer camp for local children and students focused on bridging gaps in our relationships with each other and with Christ.

This week, our Camp Staff interns are heading down to get ready for camp! These interns are responsible for coordinating programming for the summer, and they will focus on providing opportunities for children and teens to know Christ, know Scripture, and become leaders in their areas of influence. Each week, students from Grace Church will help provide hands-on support to run the camps.


Will you join us in praying for these interns? We are asking God to give them strength, discernment, compassion, and courage as they seek to disciple the young people God brings into their lives.