Thrive Marriage Experience

Connection & Growth

Last fall, we introduced a new experience for married couples—Thrive. While many of our members have been through re|engage, we have found that whether you have a healthy marriage or feel a bit disconnected, every marriage needs support to prevent “the drift” that tends to happen in our busy and broken world. Thrive is a quarterly workshop designed to help couples slow down, recalibrate their mindsets to be rooted in grace, and then build upon what they take away from each session. We are now a few sessions in at multiple campuses, and it’s been a blessing to hear how Thrive is providing tools for couples to connect and grow.

Carly and Charlie Burns are members at our Spartanburg campus, and after attending the past two Thrive sessions, they shared this with us:

“The biggest gift that Thrive has given us is time set aside specifically to connect and listen to each other without the regular distractions of life. The conversations that we’ve had during Thrive have created momentum in our marriage to go on regular dates and engage deeply with each other. We are grateful for the Thrive marriage ministry showing us that we aren’t alone in our marriage struggles, and that God is actively working to draw us closer to each other and himself.”

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