May 19, 2024

Harrison Bridge Campus

4 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Micaela Sanders

(864) 382-9606

Forge is our high school ministry for 9th through 12th grade. High School is the final ministry before launching students as adults, so Forge is designed to give students more responsibility and to transition them into being a full member of the church.

Our goal is to help high school students live in biblical community, which in turn will send them out to live missionally for the Kingdom of God rather than our own personal “kingdoms.” We believe that the Scriptures attest to the fact that God uses a refining fire to purify our faith and to transform our lives into his character, and we want to unite as the church that is being “forged” into His image, for His glory

Join us for Senior Night and our last Forge of the year!