We Choose

We Choose is our ministry plan—it provides a framework for our church to pursue spiritual health and advance God's Kingdom both within and outside of our local congregations. We believe our mission of making disciples is intertwined with serving our communities at home and the global church.

Kenya OVC 2024
Culturally Engaged

A Story from Kenya

April 17, 2024

Last week, a team of members traveled to Kenya to come alongside our partners there and host a medical clinic. Our team helped provide health, dental, and vision care for communities with limited access to healthcare. Although many stories of God’s grace emerged on this trip, we wanted to share one special story from one of the team members.

Stewarding Strength
Ministry Focused

New Ezer Study | Stewarding Strength

April 9, 2024

This year, we have been excited to launch a new study for our women—Stewarding Strength. At the heart of being a woman created in God's image is using the strength God has given us to benefit others. Stewarding Strength invites our women to examine their season, their individuality, and how they can leverage their unique abilities for God's glory and the growth of his Kingdom.

veterans ministry
Ministry Focused

Spartanburg Launches Veterans Ministry

April 4, 2024

Late in 2023, our Spartanburg campus launched a new ministry for veterans. These men and women, particularly those who have experienced combat, often feel isolated when they return to civilian life. One of our members at Spartanburg, Rich Brown, returned from active duty in the Army Guard after a 16-month deployment and felt this gap in his own life.

community health and resource fair
Culturally Engaged

Community Health and Resource Fair

April 1, 2024

This past weekend, our Care & Recovery ministry held a Community Health and Resource Fair generously hosted by Front Porch Housing! The goal of this event was to provide support for our community—specifically connecting individuals and families to local organizations who offer valuable resources and education.

gck seder
Ministry Focused

Grace Church Kids Participate in Seder Meal

March 28, 2024

Leading up to Easter, our Camp Grace kids learned about Passover and had the opportunity to participate in a Seder Meal together! Kids and their leaders were guided through the different elements of the meal and discussed what each part means.

John and Laura Hornby
Culturally Engaged

Life Change | Embracing Hospitality

March 26, 2024

One of our serving partners is Laura Hornby, who works for iFace—an international nonprofit that serves immigrants and refugees by providing community and language support. Members at our Taylors campus, Laura and her husband John recently sat down and shared about how they have embraced refugee ministry as a family.

24Seven Retreat
Ministry Focused

Over 700 Students Attend Retreats

March 21, 2024

This month, our Fusion (5th–6th grade) and 24Seven (7th–8th grade) students went on retreats at Pine Cove Springs! Between the two retreats, over 700 students and 450 staff and volunteers participated. A lot of time, prayer, preparation, and hard work went into creating space for our students to get away and be immersed in life-on-life discipleship, and we are thankful for every person who helped make it possible.

Families Count Amy and Tiffany
Culturally Engaged

Families Count Spotlight

March 19, 2024

Families Count is a seven-week, biblically based parent education program that is designed to meet the standards for state-approved parent education programs. Our goal through this class is to prayerfully provide support and guidance and to show mercy to parents who either are at risk of being separated or have already been separated from their children.

Courageously Generous

Growing in Generosity

March 14, 2024

One discipleship opportunity we offer on an ongoing basis is Money Matters—a class designed to help participants renew their mindset concerning personal finance, become faithful stewards of the resources God has given them, and bring him glory through their money as well as their lives. We all wrestle with questions around our money: Why is it so important to be generous? How much money do I need to save? Does my lifestyle truly honor the Lord? How do I get started with budgeting and planning? Money Matters offers a biblical framework for all these questions and more.