Camp Impact

Camp Impact is a six-week summer camp for children ages 5-12 in Hampton and Allendale County. Hosted by Varnville First Baptist Church, Fairfax First Baptist Church, and Grace Church, Camp Impact aims to equip the next generation to make an impact for Christ in their schools and communities.

Campers spend the day with their assigned family group playing sports, taking part in clubs, making crafts, and learning about the love of Christ through small group time and chapel. Every day of Camp Impact looks different than the day before, and we would love to have your family join us for another great summer at Camp Impact!

*Please note that the location of Camp Impact has changed to Varnville First Baptist Church for Summer 2024.

Allendale group in field

Register A Camper

Camp is filled on a first-come, first-served basis, with limited spots available. Registration will officially close on Sunday, June 9. To sign-up, please complete the registration form below, and bring your payment (cash or check) on the first day of camp! 

Price: $30 per camper, $45 for families with two or more campers

Payment covers the entire summer.

Register Here
Allendale campers on steps


Student Volunteers & Junior Staff

While camp is best for ages 5 – 12, we also have summer opportunities for older students through our Impact Student or Junior Staff programs. Students in the programs will help lead a group of campers each day, in addition to helping with setting up, cleaning, and leading activities. Throughout the summer, students will also take part in a curriculum that equips them for a life of service, godliness, and leadership. An application and interview are required for both positions.

Program overview:
Impact Students are aged 13-18 who act as "camp counselors in training” as they volunteer at camp. This gives students an opportunity to learn more about a life of service, how to lead, and how to be an employee at our camp. Junior Staff are students aged 14 – 18 who serve as counselors for a group of campers. As they help lead family groups throughout the day, they are also held accountable for leading specific activities such as a sports station or lunch break.

If you have any questions about Camp Impact or applying for a staff position please contact our staff at  (864) 905-3925.



Year Round Students

Throughout the year we provide opportunities for students aged 12 – 18 to stay connected with the Camp Impact community. A few times per semester, we host events where students gather for lunch, play games, listen to a short lesson, and have small group time. We believe these events further our mission over the summer of equipping our students for a life of service, godliness, and leadership. All students are invited whether they have participated in Camp Impact before!

If you have a student interested in coming to these events you can reach out to our staff at (864) 905-3925.

Camp Impact Year Round Group