Foster and Adopt

Grace Church is committed to caring for vulnerable children and supporting the foster and adopt community across the Upstate and within our body through foster family recruitment, training, support, and various other resources.

We have full-time staff to guide people through the licensing and adoption processes and to provide support to those who are fostering or have adopted.

Read on for information about resources available to foster and adoptive families at Grace Church and in the community at large.

Foster and adopt

Are you a foster/adoptive parent? Are you interested in learning more about fostering or adopting?

Foster Parent


Neil and Jessica Barley had always been compelled by the idea of fostering, so it was a natural first step for Jessica to begin mentoring a teenage girl in foster care. That one step of obedience eventually led to them fostering and adopting their daughter. Within a few months of her adoption, they added a baby boy to their family as well. It was a time full of big changes, and they had to learn to lean into God in the face of the unknown. Reflecting on their experience of adopting a teenager, Jessica and Neil say, “We have learned that whatever God calls us to, we need to be faithful with the small thing in front of us and trust him—that he’s faithful to walk us through whatever he’s called us to.”

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Woman Sorting through Bin in Foster and Adopt Resource Center

Foster and Adopt

Resource Center

We welcome kinship caregivers as well as foster and adoptive parents. As supplies allow, we provide essential items when children come into care and at the changing of seasons or sizes/developmental stages. Visit the F&A Resource Center webpage for hours of operation, location, and much more.

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Other Resources

for Grace Church Families

We have many church members using their unique gifts and talents to serve Grace Church F&A families. These generous people are providing free haircuts, birthday cakes, legal counsel, freezer meals, and much more. Additionally, Grace occasionally hosts support groups and studies for foster and adoptive families.

For more information, email Beth Drake at