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Fusion Teaching

Building Blocks

Our faith and relationship with God needs a firm foundation. In this series, we’ll be discussing the different building blocks that make up that foundation. To live a life that places God at the center means we have to be intentional about how we approach the Bible, prayer, community, generosity, serving and sharing our stories.


March 24 - Week 1

March 31 - Off

April 7 - Week 2

April 14 - Week 3

April 21 - Week 4

April 28 - Week 5


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24Seven Teaching


Jesus describes himself in many different ways—one of the ways is through symbols. Some of those symbols are things we need in everyday life to survive, like bread and light. But he also describes himself literally—that he is the only way to life, and the only truth. Over these next few weeks, follow along with us as we unpack who Jesus says he is and what that means for those who follow him.


April 7 - Week 1

April 14 - Week 2

April 21 - Week 3

April 28 - Week 4

May 7 - Week 5


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Forge Teaching

Break Through The Noise

Our culture is loud and compelling when it comes to how we should think about entertainment, social media, drugs and alcohol, AI, and mental health. Over the next four weeks, we will invite God’s Word to break through the noise and ground us in biblical truth as we examine these topics. Whether they feel like important issues to you or not, there will come a day when you have to make choices about how you’ll interact with these subjects. Our hope is for the truth of Scripture to break through the noise around us and shape the way we think and live.


April 7 - Intro | Entertainment

April 14 - Week 1 | Drugs and Alcohol

April 21 - Week 2 | Social Media

April 28 - Week 3 | AI

May 5 - Week 4 | Mental Health