Thank you

for signing up to audition at Grace Church

We would like for you to be prepared to play/sing the following songs:

We listen to vocal strength, projection, accuracy, and ability to hear/sing the harmonies.

We look at technical proficiency and ability to play well with others. For guitar, bass, violin or other (smaller) instrument, please bring the instrument to the audition.

We consider the audition and the needs of our worship teams to see if there is a fit.

You will be contacted a couple weeks after the audition with results and a next step.

Please remember that because of the structure of our teams, we have to consider the technical merits of an audition to see if the musician or singer has the ability and flexibility to perform with the bands in the ministry. It’s a difficult but necessary task, because not everyone who auditions will be at the level at which we need our team members to perform.

You will need to bring your own pair of ear-buds and you may bring chord charts with you to the audition. We would also expect for our worship team members to be participating regularly in some form of discipleship at Grace. Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to speaking with you soon.