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Ezer Equipped | Summer Reset

Ezer Equipped | Summer Reset

Welcome to the August edition of Ezer Equipped. I can’t believe it is already August! I love fall and wintertime, so I am eagerly anticipating the change of seasons—crisper air, football, and fires in the fireplace. I hope you’ve all had a great summer and that you’ve found some rest and respite through summer sunshine and vacations with friends and family. 

As we head into August, we want to take some time to reflect on the last six months of Ezer Equipped. We’ve covered a lot of ground and thrown a ton of resources your way. We hope you’ve found this newsletter to be a useful and challenging discipleship tool in both your own faith and in your discipleship of others.

January - discussed the importance of making room in our lives for others and it’s essential nature to the ezer calling.

February - all about cultivating edifying and grace-filled friendships.

March - discussed the prejudice we all carry toward someone and challenged you to take some steps toward repentance.

April - was about entering into the suffering of others, just as Jesus entered into our world of suffering and brokenness.

May and June - our desire was to remove the intimidation factor that haunts so many of us when we read the Scriptures and to provide you with tools to help you understand and apply what you read.

July - exposed the harmful effects of technology on our lives and provided some practical tools to help you move toward a healthy relationship with technology. 

The Ezer Equipped newsletter is designed to be a discipleship tool. Our goal is to equip you to grow in maturity as a follower of Jesus Christ—throwing off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily trips us up so that we may run the race with perseverance (Hebrews 12:1-2). The newsletter has three main parts: resources designed to expose, challenge, and equip you; questions to promote self-reflection; and believable next steps of repentance. Our desire is that each month you would pick one of the resources to Read or Listen to, and spend the month working through the Connect questions and take at least one step of repentance, whether in one of the ones we highlighted in the Move section or one the Holy Spirit brings to mind for you personally. 

While the newsletter is a tool to help you grow in your own personal faith, the discipleship journey is not a private affair done in isolation. We need to be in fellowship with one another, challenging and encouraging one another to grow in grace and godliness. So our hope is that you would gather with two or more each month to talk through the implications of each newsletter in your lives of faith. This tool can be used in weekly accountability groups, Ezer small groups, community groups, neighborhood book clubs, and one-on-one mentor relationships. 

As we move into the next half of this year, we want to gather some feedback from you. Would you take a few minutes to complete this survey?

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This resource is adapted from our Ezer Equipped monthly newsletter dedicated to equipping our women with content, from both within and outside of our church, to help us continue to grow as disciple and disciple-makers. To subscribe to the Ezer Equipped newsletter, click here.