The God of Provision

Study Guide

As Paul encourages the Corinthians to fulfill their commitment to give to the persecuted believers in Jerusalem, he unpacks the gospel core of generosity. Just as God provided Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins, so also will he provide for our physical needs. In turn, we must be willing to impoverish ourselves for the good of others—this is how we model Jesus to the world.
  1. We all feel that inherent sense of fear and caution when it comes to giving money away. When you face those fears honestly, what does it reveal about your heart and what or whom you trust? Is what you are currently giving a validation of your beliefs?

  2. Consider the concept of being a cheerful giver. Do you struggle with this? Why or why not? Can you point to a time in your life when you were able to give cheerfully?

  3. Do you feel pressure to provide for yourself and your family? How does your thinking need to change in order to view God as your provider?

  4. Giving is a ministry—Jesus embodied this when he became poor in order to give us life. For whom have you become poor? Has there been a time when someone else became poor to enrich your life? How did that affect you?

  5. What is the next step you need to take in the area of giving? Do you need to have a conversation with your spouse? A trusted friend? Meet with someone who can help you budget?

Key Points
  • The believers at Corinth and the Jewish Christians in Jerusalem don’t have much in common other than their faith. However, generosity is powerful—many Christians are inspired to help those in need because of the Corinthians’ giving.

  • In order for God to provide a great harvest, we must be willing to release the seed. If we hold on to our resources, then they are useless to serve God and others.

  • When we examine our hearts around the idea of giving financially, we must question where our trust is. Are we consumed with security, comfort, or status? Or are we truly trusting God to provide for us?

  • Having the freedom to give cheerfully shows that we trust in God and not our money.

  • God is our ultimate provider. Not only will he provide for our needs, but he will also provide us with enough to bless those around us. Not all that God sends to us is for us.

  • Our giving proves our obedience to the gospel. Jesus became poor so we could be rich. When we minister to others through giving, we model God’s generosity to the world.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 9:1-15

Topics: Courageously Generous, Generosity, Money