The Resurrection: Our Living Hope

Study Guide

The resurrection of Jesus gives us freedom—its victory gives us new life, hope, and an eternal inheritance that reaches far beyond our life here on earth. Because of our faith in him, we give our lives to honor his name and become “up next” for resurrection as we are reborn, regenerated, and made new.
  1. Read Philippians 1:20-24. Do your life and thoughts reflect the same freedom as Paul? How so?

  2. Paul has one motivation: to honor Christ. How does he describe what that would look like for both his life and his death? Can you say the same for your life and death? Why or why not?

  3. Read 1 Peter 1:3-5. What are your thoughts about being “up next” for the resurrection? Do you feel the tension between believing that this world has more for you than the next and the comfort and victory in the hope of eternal life? How so?

  4. Do you have faith that this resurrection is real? In what practical way have you experienced God’s protection through your faith? How has Jesus changed your soul and given you a new kind of hope and new view of your inheritance?

  5. What does it look like for you to grow as a believer in Christ and live in a way that other people can see that you have a living hope?

Key Points
  • Paul lives in freedom, unattached to this world, and entirely motivated in everything by honoring God. He truly does not care if he lives to serve others or dies to be with Christ, because in both he honors God.

  • We are “up next” for the resurrection through Jesus. Because of Jesus, we get a new life. We are regenerated and have the hope and inheritance of eternal life.

  • We can trust that the next world far surpasses this one and can be free to live with the sole motivation of honoring God.

Scripture: 1 Peter 1:3-5

Topics: Death, Honor