Listening and Doing

Study Guide

In this passage, James speaks to fellow believers about what it really means to be a Christian—we must both hear and respond to God’s leading. We cannot know, trust, and be in relationship with God unless we hear his Word. Furthermore, if we are not actively responding in obedience, our faith lacks authenticity.
  1. How are you going to listen to God moving forward? What specific steps do you need to take in order to hear and receive his Word?

  2. How can you cultivate the art of response? What is something God is calling you to respond to this year? How can you serve in a way that requires courage?

Key Points
  • We are all educated beyond our obedience. Most of us know God’s Word—we must move and respond in active obedience.

  • James is asking for mastery and restraint over our anger and our words. When we speak or get angry, it must be aligned with God’s purposes.

  • The core of Christianity is a lifestyle of repentance—we must consistently evict the sin from our souls and lay hold of God’s truth.

  • While our culture is more focused on gathering information, listening and doing are inherently connected. You cannot separate who you say you are from how you are living.

  • We all have the capacity to deceive ourselves. Claiming Christ is of little value if our life doesn’t demonstrate being claimed by him.

  • God is far more willing to reveal himself than we are to obey. If we both humbly seek him and respond in obedience to his Word, then he will continue to make himself known.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: James 1:19-27

Topics: Obedience, Response, Worship