Easter 2021

Study Guide

Jesus’ resurrection is the lynchpin of the Christian faith, and our response to it is indicative of the state of our souls. In Matthew 28, all those who witnessed or heard of the resurrected Christ reacted in fear. However, those who were willing to accept Jesus and his authority on his terms were ultimately redeemed, and their lives were changed. In the same way, we must acknowledge our blindness, release control of our own lives, and pursue Jesus with love and loyalty.
  1. The women, guards, elders, and disciples all had different reactions to Jesus’ resurrection. Which of these characters do you identify with? Why?

  2. Jesus’ authority will be either a threat or a comfort to you, depending on whether or not you are trying to control your own life. When you consider the fact that Jesus is in supreme authority, what is your reaction? What does that indicate about the state of your soul?

  3. You must be willing to release control and come to God on his terms. If you’ve taken that step, how did God change your life? If not, are you open to the possibility that even though God’s plans for your life may be different, they are better? Why or why not?

Key Points
  • Jesus’ resurrection is the lynchpin of the Christian faith. Through this event, death was killed, and Jesus brought a new kind of life into the world that death could not destroy.

  • The two Marys were wrong about the facts of Jesus’ death. However, they did have a profound love and intense personal loyalty to Jesus. In the same way, we should not be as concerned about being right as we are about loving Jesus.

  • In contrast, the guards are overcome by fear. Instead of recognizing the world-changing event happening right in front of them, they are numbed and distracted by their own shallow appetites.

  • The religious elders have great knowledge of the Scriptures, but they value their status and control above all else. Because Jesus is a threat to their status quo, they reject him.

  • Like the women, the disciples also rejoice in seeing Jesus, but many still struggle with doubt. This is part of the Christian experience. We must keep pursuing Jesus even in the face of doubt.

  • The resurrected Christ has power to redeem us and change our lives for his glory. But we must be willing to release control and come to him on his terms.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Matthew 28:1-20