Faith, Healing, and Repentance

Study Guide

Peter and John begin the work of the early Church—healing in Jesus’ name and preaching the gospel. Their actions draw the attention of many, and they capitalize on the opportunity to explain the wideness of God’s mercy and how anyone who comes with a repentant heart will be refreshed. So too should we live in such a way that others are compelled to learn of Jesus’ work in our lives.
  1. As believers, our lives should be distinct from the world. We should act in such a way that it raises questions for those around us. How does your life need to change so that you create opportunities for other’s lives to change by telling them about who God is and what he is doing?

  2. We should also be ready to explain to others why our lives are different. Have you ever had this kind of conversation with an unbeliever? What was that like? Is there work you need to do to be more prepared to give an answer for the hope that you have?

  3. Repentance should be a continual facet of the Christian experience. When was the last time you repented of sin? What is the Holy Spirit convicting you of now that you need to repent of? How can you turn to God and lean into him?

Key Points
  • After Peter heals the man lame from birth, he seizes the opportunity to explain his actions to the crowd. Telling them about Jesus is far more important than the miracle he performs.

  • We too should act in such a way that it requires an explanation. Then, we must be ready to share our faith and how Jesus has changed our lives.

  • Peter explains to his audience that while they were rejecting Jesus, God was at work, and his mercy still extends to them if they will receive him on his terms.

  • Not only must we repent of our sins and turn to God for salvation, but we must adopt a constant posture of repentance. Only then, when we lean into God, can he refresh our souls.

  • God’s mercy is wide—he accepts all who turn to him. However, the way to God is narrow, as he is accessible only through the person and work of Jesus.

Scripture: Acts 3:1-26