Study Guide

When God recreates us and brings us into his family, we become strangers in our present world. As we live in a culture and space that is not our own, we experience the pull to over-invest in and over-identify with the things of this world. However, we must remember that we are citizens of God’s eternal kingdom and live our lives differently—acting as lights in a dark world.
  1. Our emotions often act as a check-engine light. What facets of your life can make you fearful or angry when things don’t go well (work, parenting, politics, etc.)? How have you over-invested in or over-identified with those areas?

  2. 1 Peter directs us to submit to authority even when it is corrupt, wrong, or simply inefficient. When have you had to do this? How did it affect you? How can you move towards trusting God with the authority he has placed over you?

  3. God calls us to live credible lives that are above reproach so that we may expand his kingdom. Whom has God placed in your life that you are responsible for? How can you build credibility with them?

  4. We live in a culture that equates freedom with personal sovereignty. How has this idea influenced your life? Are you able to submit to the idea that God has authority to both direct and assign purpose to your life? Where do you need to release your own desires for the furtherance of God’s kingdom?

Key Points
  • God makes it clear that we are “temporary residents and foreigners” in this world. However, we very easily forget who we are and where we come from—we over-identify with and over-invest in this world.

  • God calls us to live solid, credible lives that are above reproach. In this way, even when we are accused of wrongdoing, people around us will see how we honor God.

  • While human authority is often corrupt, we must submit to it, believing and trusting that God is sovereign over all things.

  • We are born slaves to sin. However, because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we are made free from the power of sin. This does not give us personal sovereignty—as believers, we are slaves to our benevolent, compassionate Father.

  • There are many good and noble things that God gives us here on earth. But, we must guard our affections and not become overly attached to these things.

  • Just as Jesus suffered for all mankind, we must suffer for those around us. This is how we expand God’s kingdom.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: 1 Peter 2:11-24

Topics: Citizenship, Identity