Faith and Works

Study Guide

James continues to unpack his central theme—faith and works are bound together as a vibrant expression of the Christian life. In a religious setting, it can be easy to say the right things, but James challenges us to take an honest look at how we live our faith out in the world.
    1. James is clear that true faith is marked by movement. Take some time to reflect on the nature of your faith in the following areas:
    • Sin—am I consistently confessing, repenting, and moving in a new direction?
    • Obedience—am I responsive when God is calling me to do something?
    • Gifts—how am I using my gifts to allow God’s blessing to flow through me?
    • Needs—am I attuned to the needs of those around me?

    If your faith feels stagnant or shallow, take a step. Reach out to a staff member or trusted friend.

Key Points
  • The gospel is clear that salvation is through faith alone. James’ message is about our works as an expression of vibrant faith.

  • God is a reacher. He pours himself out for the good of others. As God’s children, we have his nature within us and naturally deplete ourselves for others.

  • True faith is dynamic—it flows from the inside out, changing us and then those around us.

  • Knowledge is not the same as faith. What we do provides stronger evidence of our faith than what we say.

  • Our faith drives our actions, and in turn, our actions have a strengthening effect on our faith.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: James 2:14-26