Patience, Prayer, and Suffering

Study Guide

As we navigate the suffering inherent in a corrupt and broken world, James holds out the hope we can have through patience, courage, confession, and prayer. These markers of our faith orient our hearts towards a good Father who is full of tender mercy.
  1. Reflect on a past or present season of difficulty. What does it look like to have courage and wait patiently for the Lord’s return in those circumstances?

  2. Discuss how praise is an act of dependence. What can you praise God for right now?

  3. James calls us to confess our sins to one another regularly. When was the last time you confessed a specific sin to somebody else? What step of obedience do you need to take in this area?

Key Points
  • In this fallen world, James calls us to be patient for the Lord’s return, which requires courage in the face of fear.

  • Like Job, we will all face some form of suffering which will reveal whether or not our hearts are faithful to hope in God’s promises.

  • Prayer is an expression of dependence on our good Father when the difficulties of life put our weakness on display.

  • Both prayer and praise are God-facing—they put us in a posture that acknowledges he is both good and in control of our lives.

  • Constant prayer and regular confession of sin are a demonstration of faith.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: James 5:7-18