Study Guide

In his final words to these believers, James urges them to pursue the restoration of those who wander, as an act of love that embodies the gospel. May we not only guard our own hearts from spiritual drift, but also be willing and ready to enter the hard work of restoration on behalf of others.
  1. A vital way to guard against spiritual drift is to be fully known by others. Who in your life knows your innermost thoughts and feelings? Is there anything hidden you need to share with a trusted friend or mentor?

  2. When a believer wanders from the truth, restoration is the top priority. What does it look like to be willing and ready to enter that process? What is your natural posture towards someone when they go off track?

  3. In culture that equates love with affirmation, restoration can be daunting. Have you ever experienced the truth that confrontation can be a redemptive act (either giving or receiving)? What was that like?

Key Points
  • As believers in a broken world, we all face the reality of drifting from the truth and failing to live in alignment with God’s Word.

  • Often, we wander from the truth because we believe a compelling lie. This can happen in big and small ways.

  • God is a restorer of those who wander. As the Church, what God has done for us should shape and motivate our pursuit of others.

  • Restoration is hard work that often does not feel loving in our culture. However, restoration is a vital aspect of modeling Jesus and loving others.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: James 5:19-20