The Power of the Tongue

Study Guide

James does not mince words when it comes to the power of our tongues. Our words matter—they are a window into our souls. And when we experience God in a personal way, our words will reflect and channel his transforming power in our lives.
  1. Consider which sinful communication patterns may be present in your life—gossip, talking about (not talking to), withholding honesty, or flattery. What do these patterns reveal about your faith? Your fears?

  2. Reflect on who has spoken words of life to you. What did they say, and how did it impact you? What does it look like for you to speak words of life to others?

Key Points
  • There is a connection between how we manage our tongues and our whole lives. Either we master our tongues, or they master us.

  • Those with influence and leadership represent God’s authority. Therefore, their sins are judged more strictly.

  • A tongue unmanaged can destroy your life. However, there is a power from heaven that can invade our souls and reverse this reality.

  • A willingness to manage our words can also shape our hearts and bring us in line with the truth.

  • Words can bring life or death. As followers of Jesus, we want to be a people marked by words of life.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: James 3:1-12