A Bigger Battle

Study Guide

After encouraging his disciples, Jesus walks with them to the grove of olive trees, where he knows he will be betrayed. When Judas and the Roman guards arrive, Jesus willingly steps forward to drink the cup of suffering the Father has prepared for him, embarking on a path toward death that will usher in a new spiritual kingdom.
  1. On Jesus’s worst day, he is thinking of others, willingly entering into suffering to win the souls of rebellious people like us. In what ways does this immense kindness free you to step forward for others?

  2. Jesus makes it clear to Peter that his fight is not with nations or political parties. Instead it’s a spiritual battle to win souls. Like Peter, are there physical battles you are trying to fight for Jesus or kingdoms on earth you over identify with?

Key Points
  • While we may feel like our fight is in the flesh and blood difficulties of this world, the real battle is in the unseen spiritual realm, where Jesus is ruling.

  • Judas betrays Jesus because he wants to be on the winning team. When we’re angry with God because life isn’t going the way we expected, our hearts are exposed to have similar expectations of Jesus as Judas did.

  • Since Jesus steps forward for us, we have the freedom to step forward for others, secure in the value he has given us.

  • By telling Peter to put away his sword, Jesus reveals his battle plan. In this spiritual fight, nations and political parties are merely used in the fight to conquer sin and death.

  • Just like the Father takes Caiaphas’ dark words against Jesus and uses them as a prophecy for his redemption plan, he takes the worst things about us and turns them for good.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: John 18:1-14