Anointed and Triumphant

Study Guide

The response to Jesus becomes increasingly polarized—some hail him as Messiah, while others plot his death. Those who worship him truly respond like Mary, with extravagant sacrifice and loyalty, unafraid of shame and willing to follow him anywhere.
  1. True worship involves sacrifice. How have you seen other believers willingly deplete themselves and make sacrifices for the cause of Jesus? Consider how your use of time and resources reflects your gratitude for what Jesus has done.

  2. Jesus offers redemption and kingship—not to make our dreams come true. Does that resonate with your view and experience of Christianity? How so?

Key Points
  • Mary sacrifices herself for Jesus in an extravagant, intimate way. Her worship is born out of gratitude for what Jesus has done.

  • Although Judas is in close proximity to Jesus and other believers, his heart is hardened. What he values has alienated him from the Savior.

  • Jesus is clear that finding him is more important than anything else—nothing should get in the way of our pursuit of him.

  • One mark of a believer is a willingness to endure shame. God is pleased with those who are willing to bear up under suffering for the cause of Christ.

  • Although many praise Jesus at his triumphal entry, he does not come to give them what they want. He comes to give them what they need.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: John John 11:54-12:1-19