Eyes of Faith

Study Guide

In this passage, John contrasts a man born blind with the Pharisees. Because the Pharisees refuse to entertain any view of the world other than their own, they are blind to who Jesus is. However, the man born blind acts in courage with very little information, and his faith allows him to see and worship Jesus for who he is.
  1. Like the disciples, we often have a difficult time reconciling suffering with a just God. Have you ever questioned God because of a difficulty you were experiencing? How can we trust God in those moments when we don’t understand?

  2. The man whom Jesus healed did not have answers, but he did have a story. If someone were to challenge your faith, would you be more likely to try and provide answers? Or to share your story? When was the last time you shared your story?

Key Points
  • While the disciples are bogged down in their preconceptions of why a man would be born blind, Jesus sees and engages the man as a person.

  • Because God is our Creator, we exist for him—not ourselves. He has the right to do with us what seems best to him to reveal his power and glory.

  • We can trust God because Jesus came to suffer with us under the curse of the world’s brokenness and create a way out for us.

  • The man born blind is asked to obey in difficult circumstances. Even though he has very little information, he has courage born out of faith in Jesus.

  • Our faith cannot be built on answers and information—it lives through our stories of redemption.

  • Obeying Jesus and accepting him as he offers himself will disrupt our preconceived notions of the world. However, obedience is the only way to see Jesus.

Scripture: John 9:1-41